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Pastoral Team Articles

April 2019

Apr 27

Second Sunday of Easter 2019

Happy Second Sunday of Easter! Acts 5:12-16 Luke wrote Acts of the Apostles as a “sequel” to his Gospel. Geographically, the Gospel moves Jesus’ message from Galilee to Jerusalem; Acts continues the journey from Jerusalem to Rome - symbolically spreading the good news to the entire world. Much like the Gospel of Mark, Luke...
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Apr 20

Jesus really did rise from the dead...

Jesus really did rise from the dead. The core of the Christian Message proclaims the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. Many people witnessed his death on the cross. Reliable witnesses also testified that they put his dead body in the tomb which was guarded by Roman soldiers.  Later, his followers found the tomb empty and raised the...
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Apr 13

Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Palm Sunday and Holy Week The passion of the Lord dominates these solemn days. The look and feel of the church interior is different as images and crosses remain covered until the end of the week. We have begun the most solemn week.  Jesus left us a lasting feast at the Last Supper and the priesthood.  Then He embraced the cross and...
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Apr 6

News Briefs

Pre-paid and Happy: Loan Status Thanks to continuing generosity, we were able to prepay $50,000 of our mortgage principal in February from the Collections of this Christmas season. We also prepaid an additional $30,000 at the end of March! Pre-payments benefit all of us greatly by reducing the interest payments and by bringing the final loan...
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