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Pastoral Team Articles

August 2019

Aug 31

The Path to Heaven

The Path to Heaven Where is your life headed? Do you feel like you are going in the right direction? We are constantly trying to better ourselves, but what do we ultimately need in our lives for fulfillment? There is one thing to do that will guide us along the best and right path: follow Jesus Christ. Too often we find ourselves wrapped up...
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Aug 24

Belief in the Real Presence of Christ

Belief in the Real Presence of Christ The Mass is much more than a gathering of people in order to experience themselves as a community. It is shocking how many people do not believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Catholic Church did not fabricate this idea. Jesus himself taught this on multiple occasions, saying,...
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Aug 17


Apathy When I was young I could not stand going to the doctor, I frequently tried to avoid my yearly checkup for fear of something being wrong with me. It was an irrational fear. I was healthy, and didn’t have anything to worry about, and if there was something wrong with me that I didn’t know about, then it would be good to go to...
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Aug 10

Pre-Campaign Report and Solemnity of St. Clare of Assisi

Pre-Campaign Study Report As I reported to you in our bulletin last week, we have completed the feasibility study and heard many positive and optimistic reactions as well as helpful ideas and recommendation from our parishioners from individual interviews, focus groups and our in-pew survey at all the Masses. We are including the recent...
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Aug 3

Feasibility and Solemnity of St. Clare of Assisi

Executive Summary of Feasibility Study Report The experience with RUOTOLO Associates was positive and very encouraging. Larry Dorame, senior associate from RUOTOLO presented the results on July 22 to a body of parish leaders including the pastoral and finance councils, clergy and staff.  I have decided to move forward with a...
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