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Pastoral Team Articles

December 2019

Dec 28

Campaign Includes Diocese & Parish

Campaign Article 3 Campaign Includes Diocese & Parish Our capital campaign gives us the opportunity to strengthen the Catholic community both in our own parish and in The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.  We are partners in the work of Christ to evangelize the world and form disciples for Christ.  That means we do what we can...
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Dec 21

Christmas is a Season

CHRISTMAS IS A SEASON Christ is the Reason we Rejoice The Fourth “Week” of Advent is very short this year, just a few days, but very important, nonetheless. We’ve reached the heavens and peer down over the mountain toward the bleak winter in Bethlehem. There we see a young woman and her husband with high hopes for their new...
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Dec 14

Why we need this campaign

Campaign Mini-series. Article 2 Why we need this campaign I will put it very simply, WE ARE OUT OF SPACE.  That means we are turning people away from the parish instead of toward it and toward Christ. We need to grow along with the community. If we do not have enough space for all the activities of our parish or we have inadequate space...
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Dec 7

Reconciliation (Advent)

RECONCILIATION The message of John the Baptist was simple as he prepared a way for the Lord: “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Mt 3:2)!” The message and call of repentance is still very much echoing through the deserts of humanity. But what is repentance? What is the Lord calling us to? In the Book of Deuteronomy, we...
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