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Pastoral Team Articles

December 2020

Dec 26

God Is Good

GOD IS GOOD, but our family has struggled I’m sure that we are all praying for a much healthier life for our community and ourselves in 2021. Father Nick tested positive for COVID-19 on December 14th, but did not need hospitalization. He has been getting his rest at home and taking medicine. As I write this on 12/18 for this bulletin, he...
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Dec 19

Merry Christmas

“TODAY IS BORN OUR SAVIOUR-JESUS CHRIST” Once again, the great Holy Season of Christmas is with us. We thank God for His Divine providence and protection to us all, that amidst the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic He has kept us safe, sound and healthy to date. This year’s Christmas is special to each one of us because it...
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Dec 12

Annulment Information

The Tribunal of the Diocese of Phoenix is committed to providing all those interested in pursuing an annulment with all the information and guidance they need to discern and petition for this process. Our Nullity Ministers are provided with extensive training in order to serve at the local parish and to be present to those, both...
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Dec 5

The Gospel Message

The Gospel Message The gospel message. When I was in youth ministry as a teen all those many years ago, I often heard this phrase passed around, but nobody really explained what it meant. The Church even calls us to spread “the gospel message” as one of our primary missions. So, what is the gospel message, and what does that mean...
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