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Pastoral Team Articles

January 2017

Jan 25

From the Desk of the Music and Liturgy Director

The start of a new year brings about new things, and we at St. Clare of Assisi parish are about to experience a bit of change. After research and deliberation, Father Hans and I have decided on a new hymnal for our parish. We have been using paper Missals and printed Worship Aids for quite a bit of time now, and we thought it best that we invest...
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Jan 19


When I was a kid, about 3 years old, I got lost in a department store. It was next to a changing room where my mother was trying something on. I was in a chair, and it had been an exciting day, so I fell asleep. I don’t actually know how long I was asleep, but when I woke up, I didn’t see anyone around me. I was scared, and wandered...
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Jan 12


Just recently, I went on a little trip to North Carolina. I was going to visit my father and so I had my flights booked and I was ready to go. I had made this trip many times before, and have flown well over 100 times, so this is nothing new to me. Here is the routine: Start with my ticket and ID in hand at the TSA Check Point, and after both...
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Jan 5

Bearing False Witness

Bearing False Witness “Fake News” is being widely discussed by the news media and on Facebook and other social media. Naturally, it often is discussed in its relationship to the recent presidential campaign and election as people search for how two terribly flawed candidates could rise to power and how the winner managed to prevail....
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