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Pastoral Team Articles

June 2016

Jun 29

My Gratitude

              On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and condolences offered during the time of and after my father’s death at the age of 91 in Napa, CA. His obituary can be found at
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Jun 22

Follow Me

Where is your life headed? Do you feel like you are going in the right direction? We are constantly trying to better ourselves. But what do we ultimately need in our lives for fulfillment? The readings of this weekend show us the one thing to do that will guide us along the best and right path: following Jesus Christ.  Too often we find...
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Jun 15

Take Up Your Cross

Today’s Gospel points us in a direction where we can further and deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. He commands man to deny himself and take up his cross. What does it mean to take up our own cross in our daily lives? When we think about what our crosses are, we may assume that it could be some sort of physical or emotional burden...
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Jun 8


Today’s psalmist proclaims, “Lord, forgive the wrong I have done.” How many times have we turned to the Lord in our wrongdoings? Do we even realize when we have done wrong? How do our morals and actions stand up to those of the Catholic Church? It takes a lot of courage to admit our guilt and to ask others for forgiveness. We...
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Jun 1

POWER - written by Christopher Platt

Many people, including myself, have done things for selfish gain. Whether that be to boast or to draw attention, instead of being humble, or to use another person instead of treating them like a brother or sister in Christ. We see this now in our own culture especially with the presidential election, and the mudslinging from both sides. ...
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