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Pastoral Team Articles

May 2018

May 24

Pentecost / Mother of the Church / Most Holy Trinity

Pentecost Is the 50th day after the Vigil of Easter and brings the season to its conclusion. Now the Easter/Paschal Candle has been returned to its place near the baptismal font instead of its place near the ambo where we read the word of God. Easter began with the lighting of the Easter fire outside in front of the church and then the...
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May 16

Pentecost Sunday 2018

We celebrate the Feast of Pentecost this Sunday, May 20.  “Pentecost” - Greek for “fifty days” - was originally a harvest festival which the Jews celebrated fifty days after Passover. By Jesus’ time, it commemorated the people’s entrance into the Promised Land. Eventually, it became the feast dedicated...
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May 9

Mother's Day and more...

Happy Mother’s Day First and foremost we remember our Dear Mother Mary in the “Month of Mary” and the month when we also honor our earthly mothers. It is with great respect for a mother’s unique role in our life to bring us to birth and then to raise us, that we give thanks to God today and pray for our mothers here on...
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May 2

Ascension / Confirmation & First Holy Communion

The Ascension of the Lord In older days, when more people were able to attend Holy Day of Obligation Masses on weekdays, this feast was held on the 40th day of Easter, a Thursday nine days before Pentecost. It commemorates the final moments of Jesus in the presence of his disciples when, having completed his earthly journey with them after his...
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