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Pastoral Team Articles

November 2015

Nov 29

First Sunday of Advent

Christians are naturally “wired” by God to be people of hope. The Holy Spirit gives us the gift of being able to look forward, more than backward, to see light rather than only darkness, to be expectant of a new and better tomorrow. We believe that God’s peace will come and the injustices of the world will end. One reason why...
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Nov 22

Crisis Pregnancy Center

I want to share with you a note I received from the Crisis Pregnancy Center: Dear Fr. Hans and all the parishioners at St. Clare of Assisi. Thank you so much for the wonderful baby shower and all the beautiful baby items and the money that was donated to our centers. We are so blessed by your generosity and your servants’ hearts. Our...
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Nov 15

We Honor Our Veterans

We are so grateful for your service and your sacrifices for the good of our nation and for the cause of freedom and justice around the world. We could never thank you enough for your willingness to bear the burdens of wars and the years of suffering the painful memories. We also remember and honor our Canadian veterans especially since many of...
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Nov 8


Catholics believe in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Purgatory is a final act of conversion (purification) on the way to heaven for the faithful departed who have some unfinished spiritual work when they die. The purification is necessary because, as Scripture teaches, nothing unclean will enter the presence of God in heaven (Revelation 21:27)...
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Nov 1

Movie Reviews

Our world is saturated with all forms of media entertainment.  Movies today can put us in some very awkward and difficult moral situations whether watching movies at home or away and with family or in social settings. What are we to do when risqué sexual scenes are shown or language gets very crude?. Sexual innuendo, nudity and...
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