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Pastoral Team Articles

November 2020

Nov 28


LOGOS I have some good news and some bad news for all of you second-century Christians. The good news is that in spite of still being illegal, your religion is growing beyond its Jewish roots and spreading throughout the Roman Empire. The bad news is that this growth means certain words and terms used by Palestinian Jews do not make sense to...
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Nov 21

Major Prophets

Major Prophets When last we wrote about the Old Testament prophets, we mentioned that those with a book named after them (the literary prophets) are categorized as either major or minor based on the length of each book. In this column, let’s explore some of what we know about the major prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Of course,...
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Nov 14

Mortgage Status and Purgatory

Mortgage Status You can see that we have made tremendous progress due to the extraordinary generosity of parishioners. A recent bequest made it possible for us to bring the balance down to $656,338. When we have extra funds from wills, estates, bequests or other larger donations, we have always made pre-payments on the loan principal. This has...
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Nov 7


COMMUNITY The early Christian community, made up almost entirely of Jewish converts, understood Jesus’ teachings within the context of their Jewish faith. We know that the Gospel writers quote extensively from the Old Testament. Even Luke, writing to a gentile audience, uses Hannah’s prayer from 1 Samuel as the framework for...
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