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Pastoral Team Articles

October 2019

Oct 26

Intro to Mark's Gospel

Even though we refer to the four Gospels as Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John; the titles “according to …” were added later. There are traditions and scholarly theories about the authors and their gospels. The Gospel according to Mark was written around 65-70 perhaps in Rome. We know it was written for a predominately gentile...
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Oct 19


Community When I was a kid, about 3 years old, I got lost in a department store. It was next to a changing room where my mother was trying something on. I was in a chair, and it had been an exciting day, so I fell asleep. I don’t actually know how long I was asleep, but when I woke up, I didn’t see anyone around me. I was scared,...
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Oct 12

Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical Ministers Liturgical ministers are, first and foremost, members of the Body of Christ. Through their baptism they are the "holy people and royal priesthood" whose right and privilege it is to participate in the ministry of Christ. How the lay faithful exercise this ministry in the world varies, but the fullest and most...
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Oct 5

Respect Life Reflection

Respect Life Month—OCTOBER—Rosary Month Respect Life Reflection—USCCB Christ Our Hope: In Every Season of Life From the time we are knit together in our mothers’ wombs until we take our final breaths, each moment of our lives is a gift from God. While every season of life brings its own challenges and trials, each season...
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