Blood Drive

One pint saves three lives.  
There is a hero inside each of us, ready to make a difference when others need our help.

When you donate blood you are a hero, and you can get that feeling over and over again throughout the year. Think about how the people who needed those donations feel about you. You are, without a doubt, a hero to them.

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Give Blood - Save the Humans


Our St. Clare of Assisi Blood Drive Team received this message March 5, 2020 from VITALANT.

We are looking forward to your upcoming blood drive and very much appreciate your willingness to help others in our community. You are needed now more than ever in light of the current situation related to coronavirus (COVID-19). Thank you for hosting your blood drive—as planned—to help us ensure a ready blood supply for patients in need.

Public health officials are enacting a number of measures to limit the spread of coronavirus and Vitalant supports these initiatives. According to the CDC, the risk of contracting the virus is currently low. And blood donation is safe: Vitalant follows the FDA-regulated donor pre-screening process and our staff adhere to rigorous safety and disinfection protocols at our blood drives and donation centers. Vitalant, along with other blood banks, has always required donors to be in good health to give blood to keep both donors and patients safe.

Right now, it is critical that healthy donors continue to donate blood—and organizations continue to organize blood drives—to ensure hospital patients have what they need to survive.

“It’s imperative that upcoming blood drives continue to help us make sure enough blood is available for patients who need it,” said Dr. Ralph Vassallo, Vitalant’s chief medical & scientific officer. “Hospitals will be extremely challenged if COVID-19 infections increase. The last thing we want them worrying about is having enough blood for trauma and cancer patients.”

Due to the nature of the virus, it is highly unlikely that it can be transmitted through blood transfusions—there are no reported cases. 

Currently, Vitalant is telling people not to donate if they have visited Mainland China, South Korea, Iran and Italy within the past 28 days or have been exposed to someone suspected of having a COVID-19 infection.

Vitalant is absolutely committed to safety for patients, donors and our communities, and we are continuing to monitor and adjust as the situation evolves. Read our statement here.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call your donor recruitment representative or 1-877-25-VITAL (1-877-258-4825).  Thank you for your dedication to keeping our blood supply strong for patients who need donated blood to survive, heal and recover. 


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