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Breviary Hymns

Liturgy of the Hours - The Divine Office - The Prayer of the Church - The Breviary

Many names are used in common for this traditional prayer of the Catholic Church, but it all comes down to sanctifying the hours of every day whether in community prayer or individual prayer. The Holy Hours unite clergy, religious and lay people all around the world.  

Hymns of the Breviary

Many of the hymns used in praying the Divine Office are also used in the Sacred Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  You can see from the various indexes of the hymns many familiar songs and perhaps many unfamiliar hymns.  Read more...

How to Pray the Breviary

Start small and add the prayers for which you have time. Try to pray at least the morning prayers and the evening prayers. Later, perhaps you can add the Office of Readings and or the Night Prayer. If you have a quiet time during the midday, then perhaps add the midday prayers. Here is a link iBreviary and informaton about their smartphone app.

Listen and Learn

Alphabetical List of Breviary Hymns with Link to History and Video

This link will list all the hymns in alphabetical order. Click on the name of the hymn and find out more about that particular hymn. Look for the YouTube  video link for each song following brief history and description of the piece.   Listen & Enjoy it. (NOTE:  You need to use Google Chrome and YouTube to be able to listen to the song otherwise the link might not connect you directly to the proper video. Maybe some day we will have time to set up our own direct links but for now, I hope this works for you like it does for me.) 
It is a great way to learn our sacred music tradition.  You can also switch to the Thematic List to see how the hymns fit into the liturgical year of seasons and feasts.  Read more and see complete list...

Pray the Breviary with link below 




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