New Project: Parish Activities Center and Capital Campaign.
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Building the Future TOGETHER

activities center plans

Jesus said, "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News."

As followers of Jesus Christ, we take seriously his call to proclaim the Gospel to all the world. It is the nature of the Church to advance its mission by planning ahead for growth opportunities.

    A Prayer for Evangelization and Discipleship (see sidebar)
    Statistical Notes 
    Case Statement & Goal

    We Need You
    Wish List

It is time
to build for our parish family.


Our Parish History Time Line

--> --> A longer account of our parish history can be found here.

pre-2000  priests celebrated Sunday Masses for several years in neighboord center buildings in the retirement communities at Happy Trails, Arizona Traditions and Sun Village as part of Santa Teresita Parish in El Mirage. This group of founders started raising money for a permanent parish site.

2000 - Our parish was established July 1, 2000 by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. Sunday Mass was celebrated in a hall at Kingswood Elementary School. Parishioners did set up and take down every week. 

2001 - The Diocese put two "temporary" modular facilities on our parish campus and a small parking lot was built. For several years we did not have to pay rent on the buildings. When rent started, we bought the buildings to save costs.
          1) Multipurpose Building - used originally as a church and meeting hall
          2) Office Building with two conference rooms, reception, and two staff offices.
2006 - August groundbreaking and blessing of the construction site for the church and parking lot with Bishop Thomas Olmsted officiating
2008 - Our First Mass was celebrated Christmas Eve at 4:00pm. We used the wooden altar furnishings from the parish hall. The floor was bare concrete and the windows were clear glass. There was no marble in the sanctuary
2010 - Sunday of Divine Mercy, the Sunday after Easter, we held the Mass of the Dedication of the Church and Altar by Bishop Olmsted. We finally had a permanent altar, ambo and baptismal font, but the rest of the interior was barren: concrete floor, plain glass windows, chairs.

2010-2019 - Our parish community grew quickly with many ministry and activity groups. Soon, there was a shortage of adequate space. We worked hard to bring down the parish loan debt to the point where we could start thinking about planning for the next phase of construction for a parish activity center to replace the temporary modular buildings and improve services to the parish community.

2019 - New housing construction is underway in many areas of the parish.  Large housing developments are being built along Cotton Lane and the Loop 303; along Sun Valley Parkway in northern Buckeye and in northern Surprise, along both sides of Grand Avenue (Highway 60). Vinstancia in northern Peoria is booming with growth.

Statistical Notes

164 square miles within the parish boundaries, roughly Festival Ranch in Buckeye, to Wittmann to El Mirage and Waddell, but we draw people from much farther away and several other parish boundaries.
5,024 registered parish home
11,500 registered parishioners
Many public schools - 11+ from which we draw students and families
Many young families and teens are not being served well, lack of program space
Many retirees are active
Over 90 parish groups compete for very limited meeting space
30-35% of the parish is out of state or out of area during the summer heat
One hospital and one more under construction (Banner Del Webb, Abrazo)
Many assisted living facilities served by our Communion Visitors, clergy and staff
2 priests, 3 deacons, 12 lay staff crammed into tight office space

The Parish is very large and will be huge. We know that many Catholics are not being served well and that we need to evangelize and re-evangelize the area.  Society is becoming increasingly secular and unchurched, but that gives us even more reason to desire to have a stronger parish and stronger ministerial outreach.

When will construction begin?

We hope to begin construction in late 2020, but it is up to the will and ability of generous donors. 

We hired Ruotolo Associates to professionally assess the ability and willingness of parishioners to take on a large parish project to advance our mission to serve Catholics and visitors well into the future. They conducted personal interviews and focus groups of parishioners in May and June 2019. An in-pew survey will happen the weekedn of June 29 and 30.  A final report about this feasibility study was prepared and shared with the parish leadership. An executive summary of the report was inserted in the parish bulletin. 
Executive Summary of Feasibility Study  

We are working with the Office of Buildings and Properties of the Diocese of Phoenix to help us select an architectural firm and construction management team.

On September 11, 2019 at Letter was sent by the Office of Buildings and Properties to five (5) architectural firms with a Request for Qualifications and Proposal of Fixed Fees.  These firms are expected to return their documents to the Diocese and to St Clare office by 4pm on September 26, 2019. The firms are:
    Adaptive Architects, Mesa, AZ
    Architekton, Tempe, AZ
    CCBG Architects, Phoenix, AZ
    DPA Architects, Scottsdale, AZ
    HDA Architects, Gilbert, AZ

The project delivery method used in our diocese is Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR).

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Case Statement

[1] Parish Facilities 
The First Component of our fundraising objectives is for additional facilities
Building the Future TOGETHER
      Parish Activities Center 
Wish List Below 
            $4,938,242  estimated cost 

[2] Diocese of Phoenix Campaign
The Second Component of our study concerns the diocese-wide evangelization and discipleship campaign.
  This will strengthen the Catholic community, parishes, schools and vocations.
  TOGETHER LET US GO FORTH ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante    English | Español
  Bishop Olmsted asks St Clare Parishioners to contribute sacrificially:
            $1,561,758 collected over five years
             35% of this goal will stay in our parish

$6.5M   Combined Campaign Goal

09/13/19 11:11:40 AM


Building the Future


Parish campaign combined with Diocese of Phoenix campaign


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We Need You

Good Saint Joseph,
pray for us and for our construction project.


We are asking 100% of our parish families or single persons to do four things.

Equal Sacrifice (not equal donations)


Prayer - This is essential to the success of all of our efforts. We ask each of you to pray daily for our combined campaign, Building the Future TOGETHER ~ TOGETHER Let Us Go Forth ~ JUNTOS Sigamos Adelante.  A suggested prayer, A Prayer for Evangelization and Discipleship, can be found at the right of your screen (on desktops, or at the bottom when viewed on mobile devices).

Plate Collection - the ordinary plate weekly plate collection pays for regular parish expenses which are comparable to the family budget.

Loan Repayment - this monthly collection pays the mortgate on our prior construction of the church building and parking lots. These funds are completely separate from the plate collection and new campaign. We expect this loan repayment to be completely paid off before we take on the new construction loan. We do not anticipate carrying two mortgages at the same time. 

New Camapaign: Building the Future TOGETHER 
We ask 100 percent of our parishioners to make a pledge which they will pay off over the next five years or sooner.  We are asking for equal sacrifice, not equal amounts. We believe everyone can contribute some amount of money. No donation is too small.
For your gift to the campaign, you can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual payments to fulfill your pledge.

FOUR THINGS:  We need you to participate in all of the above.
(1) Prayer is always first and frequent.
(2) Continue to give to the regular Sunday Plate
(3) Give to the Loan Repayment Collection on the first Sunday of the month, until it is paid off.
(4) Pledge to the New Campaign and make payments over the next five years.

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Parish Activities Center:
Master Plan 

CCBG architects of Phoenix, AZ developed a site plan for us in 2007 and we have begun revisions based on recent in-parish discussions and estimated costs.

The site plan (at top of page and below) gives a rough idea of our plans for continuing to serve Christ far into the future.

We dream big and then take incremental steps to fulfill our mission as faithful disciples. 

The Original Master Plan

Activities Center
Elementary School

A new parish Activities Center will be attached to the church, extending out from the end of the restroom corridor towards Bell Road. 

Parking to be expanded at two water run-off retention basins. These two areas will be covered with added parking and run-off water will be contained underground in two areas. Some additional parking may be added along current parking areas.

Elementary School. This will be built where c​​​urrent modular buildings are located. (Date Unknown. This is not part of our current fundraising objectives).

Bell Road is shown on the top of the photo (horizontal).
Cotton Lane is shown on the right side of the photo (verticle).

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Wish List

Parish Administration
Reception Lobby, visitor chairs, reception Desk
Office Equipment Core
   Shared High Volumn Printer/Copier, Postage Meter, Cutting Boards,
   Project Table
   Extra desks for volunteers
Individual Offices for Priests and Deacons
   Pastor, Parochial Vicar
   Space for 2-4 deacons
Individual Pastoral Staff Offices
   Business Manager
   Liturgy and Sacred Music
   Pastoral Care Coordinator
   Formation Director
   Formation Youth Director
   Safe Environment Director
Staff Lunch Room, Coffee and Tea, Microwave, Water Cooler, Refrigerator
   Lunch table
Finance Office, Bookkeeper, Confidential Records
Storage Room for Parishioner Records
Janitorial Room
Staff Restrooms
Storage for Office Supplies, Mail and Shipping Delivery Room
Conference Rooms
   Large conference table for Staff Meetings, for Pastoral and Finance Council Meetings,
Meeting Parlors (2-3)
   Small rooms for bereaved families, funeral preparation, private counseling,
   for sacrament of confession 

Perpetual Adoration Chapel
Dignified Eucharistic Shrine for Monstrance
Pews with kneelers
Safe area with access to restrooms
Prayer Materials Shelves
KeyCode entrance lock

Meeting Rooms
Various Size Rooms for:
Faith Formation Classes
Liturgy of the Word for Children
Kindergarten through Fifth Grade
Sixth through Eighth Grade Middle School Program
Ninth through Twelfth Grade High School Program
Infant Baptism Preparation for Parents and Godparents
RCIA Becoming Catholic Program for Children, Teens, Adults
Child Care Area to Support Parents during Faith Formation, Mass, Events
Adult Faith Formation Study Group Spaces
Prayer Group Spaces
Retreat Group Spaces
Spaces for Organizations
Storage for Organizations
Storage for Formation Programs and Events
Parish Lending Library

Events Hall
Entrance Lobby
Large Open Space for Social Events
Commercial Kitchen
Storage for Kitchen Equipment
Table and Chair Storage
Sound and Video Projection
Accessible Restrooms
Delivery Dock

St Vincent de Paul Society Service Center
Appointment area to meet with clients
Storage for Non-Perishable Food and Hygiene Donations

Parish Plaza
Area that unifies the hall, offices, meeting areas and church
Secure and well lighted
Covered Space for weekend activities
Shaded area for fundraising and info table and leaders

Parking Additions
The water run-off retention basins on the southeast will be converted to parking with underground water retention.
Some other open space will provide some additional parking

God's home should reflect dignity and beauty and lift the human spirit

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09/14/19 13:01:35 PM


Registered Homes

Total number of homes registered in our parish database

09/14/19 13:02:21 PM


Registered Members

Total Registered Parish Members


08/29/19 11:49:16 AM


Loan Progress Graph

Progress paying down loan for building church. Interest 4.256%















A Prayer
for Evangelization and Discipleship

Eternal Father, we ask you, through your Beloved Son, and the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe to pour forth your Holy Spirit upon the
Building the Future TOGETHER ~ TOGETHER Let Us Go Forth ~ JUNTOS Sigamos Adelante campaign.

May the Holy Spirit renew and transform us into missionary disciples, so we may bear good fruit for the Kingdom of God.

As we go forth to continue the work of Padre Serra and Padre Kino and bring the Good News to the people of the Southwest, transform us and make us your instruments of evangelization, enthusiastic in our faith.

May the light of Christ within each of us shine forth as a beacon of hope that reaches those who are far from you, drawing them back
to You and your Church.

Consecrate us in truth
according to your will,
accomplish your plans in us
to radiate the love
and mercy of Jesus
as exemplified by two great saints who visited our diocese, Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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