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Family Planning

We believe in the sanctity of every human life from the moment of conception to natural death.  The Catholic Church values natural family planning as a way to be responsible parents. NFP helps to strengthen marriages by fostering mutual respect, mutual discipline, mutual chastity, mutual self-control, mutual love with openness to life and to the Author of Life. 

Natural Family Planning is good for families and couples. It can be used effectively for couples who are having difficulty conceiving children as well as for those who wish to have space between children. It does not put the burden of family planning on the wife or the husband but fosters mutual decisions and wider view of the gifts of marital intercourse in the larger context of a healthy physical and spiritual life. 

Natural Family Planning avoids the health issues that are consequences of using contraception which has long-lasting damaging results from chemicals and devices. The connection with some forms of cancer have been documented. Contraception also contributes to killing life in the womb even at the earliest stages of that life.  We believe firmly that it is a human life with God-given human rights that we are not allowed to treat as a mere bunch of cells. 

Contraception is artificial and changes the way we think about the very beautiful God-given gift of marital sexuality.  Sex is not recreation without purpose or meaning. It has a distinct place in God's plan. Recreational attitudes about sex have caused untold harm to people and has had disasterous societal results.

The goods of sex within marriage are two: unity and procreation. To understand that fully, requires prayer and learning.  It is very important for Catholics to understand not only what the Church teaches about family planning but also why it teaches us. Those who only understand the "what" will have a very difficult time living God's plan for the sacred covenant of marriage.  It is the understanding of the "why" that brings marital sexuality to a place where it can be truly life-giving on the physical, unitive, procreative  and spiritual levels.

The natural family planning programs offered in our Diocese of Phoenix will assist couples in understanding this.  Learn more from the Diocese of Phoenix Office of Natural Family Planning


Among married couples practicing Natural Family Planning, divorce is rare. Joseph Roetzer, MD (author of the sympto-thermal method) reports NO divorces among 1,400 married couples using NFP. Additionally, in every divorce and NFP study, the divorce rate is <4%.

When couples understand the methods and are motivated to follow them, Natural Family Planning is up to 99% successful in spacing or limiting births!

Natural Family Planning is NOT the Rhythm Method. NFP is an umbrella term for modern, healthy, scientifically accurate, natural, and reliable methods of family planning.

Since the Pill came on the market in 1960, divorces have triples, out-of-wedlock births have increased dramatically, 1.2 million abortions are performed each year, and cohabitation has increased 10-fold.




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