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Six Recent Messages (Below)
These six News Items below were sent recently to the "Everyone" group. We normally don't send out very many "everyone" messages unless there is some critical parish news that we believe you will want to know.  Click the message links to get the full picture of our beautiful and informative messages.

You can also choose to get messages from your favorite groups, by text and/or email.


pastor's Independence Day message and prayer

We celebrate with you the gift of freedom in these United States of America, established in 1776. Archbishop John Carroll’s Prayer for Government Composed for the Inauguration of George Washington - 1791 We pray you, O God of... READ full note


All Funeral Masses will be at St Clare of Assisi Church. CJ, Clarence "IKE" Eisinger passed away June 20th. His funeral is Wednesday, July 01 @ 10:30am.  Thomas Peña passed away June 12. His funeral is Tuesday, July 07, 2020 at... READ full note

Parish Update - Sunday June 28

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time If you or parishioners you know are in need of our pastoral care and outreach, please call us at 623-546-3444 . Doors NOW Open One Hour Before Mass so you can relax and pray inside.  Doors close five... READ full note

Father's Day Message| Dia de los Padres Mensaje

Happy Father's Day Feliz Día de los Padres A message for father's from Bishop Thomas Olmsted Un mensaje de nuestro obispo Tomas Olmsted. Video: Video: We thank God for our... READ full note

Parish Update - Sunday June 21

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time & Father's Day Doors NOW Open One Hour  Before Mass Come in, relax and pray to your heavenly Father with  Jesus who is here in the Blessed Sacrament in the Power of the Holy Spirit! Weekends: ... READ full note

How can we pray for you?

Greetings friends in Christ! Thank you for joining us in prayer today. We hope these few minutes spent in prayer bring peace to your day! Please join us as we pray: For peace in the world and in our homes For the continued... READ full note

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Flocknote connects people to people. 

It is widely used around the USA. 
The Diocese of Phoenix uses it all the time.
Our parish groups use it as well.
It  is a great tool to boost member activities and engagement.

Flocknote is mobile friendly so messages are sure to reach you wherever you have your mobile devices (or home computer).  Text messages are opened much more often by people than email so they are more effective. 

Flocknote helps protect everyone's privacy.
Flocknote gives people freedom to connect or unsubscribe to interest groups, change their contact information or control their privacy.  People who are in more than one parish group can change their contact information once. They won't need to update multiple groups. Each ministry leader can use Flocknote to communicate directly with the members of their group. People can now avoid the problem of old style email when people would reply by accidently hitting "reply all" or put your name on their list of their 50 best friends to send the joke they found that week.  Your email address and phone number will not appear in messages or when you post a comment.

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