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Flocknote connects people to people. 
It is widely used around the USA by Catholic parishes and dioceses. The Diocese of Phoenix uses it all the times. Our parish groups use it as well. Some groups use it often and others almost not at all. Some ministry leaders are still learning how this could be a great tool to boost member activities and engagement.

Flocknote is mobile friendly so messages are sure to reach you wherever you have your mobile devices (or home computer).  Text messages are opened much more often by people than email so they are more effective. 

Flocknote helps protect everyone's privacy.
Flocknote gives people freedom to connect or unsubscribe to interest groups, change their contact information or control their privacy.  People who are in more than one parish group can change their contact information once. They won't need to update multiple groups. Each ministry leader can use Flocknote to communicate directly with the members of their group. People can now avoid the problem of old style email when people would reply by accidently hitting "reply all" or put your name on their list of their 50 best friends to send the joke they found that week.  Your email address and phone number will not appear in messages or when you post a comment.

Our flocknote URL address:  https://stclaresurpriseaz.flocknote.com/

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