Sacred Music Ministry

It is our mission to give glory to God by leading the assembly of believers in sung prayer with beautiful music that lifts our hearts and minds to the heavens to honor God and guide our complete conversion to God's plan for our lives. This ministry is comprised of both volunteers and professional musicians dedicated to this ministry.

We strive to follow the correct teachings on the selection of Sacred Liturgical Music. 
We recommend that you read the articles by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, on this subject published in the Catholic Sun, the newspaper of the Diocese of Phoenix. 

Singing the Mass: Pastoral Letter by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix  (PDF download)


Sacred Music is one of the Church’s greatest treasures, and participating in the choir is a sacred responsibility.

The role of the choir is to lead and augment the assembly in sung prayer. The choir adds  beauty and solemnity to the worship experience, enabling those in attendance to reflect more deeply. Thus the music selection is highly scriptural and theological and is linked closely to the Sacred Reading of the Day and the liturgical season of the day (Advent, Christmas Season, Ordinary Time part 1, Lent, Easter Season, Ordinary Time part 2, Solemnities, and Feasts). The sacred music tone, style and contect help to reflect the mood and purpose of the liturgical season and the particular liturgical service being attended.

The music of the Roman Missal has been developed by the International Commision for English in the Liturgy. This is the source for the chants used by our priests and deacons and the people's responses during the Mass.       Read more here...


Our adult choir sings at 9AM Sunday Masses and on special occassions, but we would like to expand that with the help of parishioners. We can do greater things in sacred worship when we are willing to use the vocal gifts and spirtiual gifts that God has given us.


We have had children's choirs but have struggled to gain consisted participation and support by families whose pressing concerns and needs make it difficult to complete the necessary choir rehearsals with children.


We have some trained cantors for the Saturday 4pm, Sunday 7, 9 and 11.  At these Masses, we use some polyphony and choral presentations, but mostly use sacred hymns for the entire congregation from our Worship IV GIA Hymnal.


For a complete index to our Red Hymnal, see:
GIA Worship IV Hymnal complete Index (PDF download)
Please leave the books under the seats at the end of Mass if there is a shelf there. Not all chairs have shelves, because the original chairs, purchased in 2001 did not come with shelves and cannot be retrofitted.


The Sunday 5PM Mass uses worship music sheets and selects its music from contemporary sacred music sources, Life Teen sources and some traditional selections.   The instruments used are piano, electronic keyboard, guitar and drums. We welcome more parishioners to join our director, Jay Soto, and encourge our teens, young adults and others to share their vocal and instrumental talents.  Many of our song choices come from Christian Copyright Licensing International CCLI

Parish Director of Music and Liturgy:
Bernadette Wagner,  office (623) 975- 5602


Director of Contemporary Music at the Sunday 5PM Mass:
Jay Soto, part-time. Contact our director, Bernadette, shown above or call Jay at (623) 628-1694 or send email 
Learn more about Jay Soto on his personal website




Saint Cecilia Window in our church near the choir section


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