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Regular visits and Sacraments for the Dying

Priests, Deacons, Staff and Parishioner Volunteers

We have priests, deacons, staff and parishioner volunteers who are happy to assist all those who come to our doors, enter our church or participate in our programs. We also want to help those who are unable to get to us. We are blessed to be able to send people to care for those who are ill or homebound without transportation or who are in prison.

Communion Visitors

We are blessed with wonderful men and women whom we call Communion Visitors.  They bring Holy Communion to those in need, whether homebound or in hospital, assisted living, rehabilitation centers or prison.


Our priests are also available to administer the sacraments of healing such as hearing confessions, anointing the sick, giving viaticum to the dying. Normally, the communion visitors bring Holy Communion and pray with people weekly and they let the priest know if the person needs the sacraments of the sick such as Penance or Anointing or the Final Blessing.


Some of our deacons also make visits to the sick. While their ordination to the diaconate does not allow them to hear confessions or anoint the sick, they are sometimes available to make visits when people request them.

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Please contact our pastoral care coordinator, Mr. Joe Lukaszewski, at the parish office or speak to our receptionists to make arrangements for us to send someone to the location of someone who cannot come to us.  Joe Lukaszewski is the coordinator for our communion visitors and can help you with answering other questions.

St Clare of Assisi Pastoral Care Coordinator:
Mr. Joe Lukaszewski
Direct Phone:  623-975-5618

EMERGENCIES: This pertains to people who are near death or in serious but uncertain medical conditions which could result in death.  Normally, it is best to call for a priest when the person who is sick is able to speak and swallow and thus can participate fully in all the sacraments available to the sick and dying: Confession, Anointing, Communion

If you are in need of a priest to provide the sacraments of Penance/Confession, Anointing, Viaticum, or the Apostolic Pardon, Final Blessing or Prayers for the Dying, your first step would be to call the parish office phone number: 623-546-3444. The receptionist will gladly send a priest to attend to you or your loved one.

During Regular Office Hours, when our receptionist are at the desk:
Our office is normally open during day-time hours Monday through Friday. However, someone is always on-call to assist you in an emergency. Our office number is 623-546-3444

Our Answering service
will help to locate a priest for you. Just call our office phone 623-546-3444 and the outgoing message will direct you to the answering service. They know how to reach a priest in case of a medical emergency. 

Map of St Clare of Assisi Parish Boundaries showing Other Parishes in the Area

Parish Map Link Here

We are not able to attend to parishioners in all the hospitals and facilities outside of our parish boundaries, but we will help find a priest for you. The map link might help you locate a parish near your loved one. Our two priests cannot take care of everyone in the west valley, so it is much better if the priest nearest the dying patient is called which allows for the quickest response time and avoids duplication of requests and the confusion that might result when two priests are called for the same patient and then are not available to attend to parishioners within their own area. Each hospital in the Diocese of Phoenix has a parish assigned to it based on the parish boundaries within which the facility is located.  St. Clare of Assisi Parish does not have its own hospital but has many assisted living facilities and rehab centers, so we do visit many facilities and homes as well as Banner Del E Webb Hospital which we share with Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Sun City West. Thank you for understanding that we would love to help everyone but realistically cannot always do so. Pray for more vocations, please.


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