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Small Christian Communities

A Small Christian Community provides a great opportunity to more fully include JESUS in your Advent and Lenten seasons, also, to explore the Sunday Scripture readings and to get acquainted with other parishioners.


Small Christian Communities gather once a week for the four (4) weeks of Advent and the six (6) weeks of Lent meeting in small groups of approximately 8-10 people to pray, share on the upcoming Sunday scripture, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.


Groups begin meeting during the week prior to the first Sunday of Advent and during the first week of Lent. Efforts are made to place those registering on a day and time of their choice as well as in a designated home in their own community.


A prepared resource is provided along with "The Word Among Us" booklet. A pre-designated member of the group facilitates the gathering.

There is no charge to belong to a Small Christian Community. However, a donation to cover the cost of the booklet is suggested, but not mandatory.

Registration Forms are available (in the bulletin or in the Narthex of the church) several weeks prior to the Advent and Lenten seasons. Plan to join a group! Many have expressed that belonging to a Small Christian Community has enriched their lives.   

Look for our meeting announcements in the Sunday bulletin.  

Coordinator: Sandi Hollenbeck, 1-402-850-9057



Sandi Hollenbeck


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