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Small Christian Communities

We have a great opportunity for people to increase their faith, knowledge and friendships.

A Small Christian Community provides a great opportunity to more fully include JESUS in your Advent and Lenten seasons, also, to explore the Sunday Scripture readings and to get acquainted with other parishioners.  Some groups go all year but most are focused on Advent and Lent.


Small Christian Communities gather once a week for the four (4) weeks of Advent and the six (6) weeks of Lent meeting in small groups of approximately 8-10 people to pray, share on the upcoming Sunday scripture, and grow in their relationship with Jesus.


Groups begin meeting during the week prior to the first Sunday of Advent and during the first week of Lent. Efforts are made to place those registering on a day and time of their choice as well as in a designated home in their own community.


A prepared resource is provided along with "The Word Among Us" booklet. A pre-designated member of the group facilitates the gathering. En Español usamos "La Palabra Entre Nosotros."

There is no charge to belong to a Small Christian Community. However, a donation to cover the cost of the booklet is suggested, but not mandatory.

are available (in the bulletin or in the Narthex of the church) several weeks prior to the Advent and Lenten seasons. Plan to join a group!

Small Christian Communities Enrich Lives

Many participants have expressed that belonging to a Small Christian Community has enriched their lives.   


Lent 2020

English:  We have 146 people sharing in 14 groups.
Spanish: We have 30 people sharing in 6 groups.

Lent Communities focus on the readings of the coming Sundays. 

Week 1   begins Feb 23
Week 2   begins March 1
Week 3   begins March 8
Week 4   begins March 15
Week 5   begins March 22
Week 6   begins March 29
(No meetings during Holy Week) focus on attending the Holy Week liturgies.

Calendar for Lent 2020
Year A:    Sunday Scripture Readings
Cycle II:  Weekday Scripture Readings 

Ash Wednesday is February 26th
Palm Sunday is April 5
Good Friday is April 10
Easter Sunday is April 12

SCC Soup Supper:  March 25, 2020,  5:30pm until 9pm

Look for our meeting announcements in the Sunday bulletin and Flocknote.  

Coordinator: Sandi Hollenbeck, 1-402-850-9057

A Brief History of Small Christian Communities in our parish:

Lent 2019        21 groups  187 participants   5 Spanish Groups
Advent 2018    17 g        158 p    4 Spanish
Lent 2018         22         199       4 Spanish
Advent 2017     20         164
Lent 2017         21         185
Advent 2916     17         154
Lent 2016         19         206
Advent 2015     19         178
Lent 2015         21         208
Advent 2014     15         134
Lent 2014         19         201
Advent 2013      11        112
Lent 2013         14         158
Advent 2012     11         114
Lent 2012         14         156
Advent 2011     na
Lent 2011         na
Advent 2010     14         136
Lent 2010         17        164
Advent 2009     13         111
Lent 2009         15         144
Advent 2008      11         100
Lent 2008          13        126
Advent 2007        9          79
Lent 2007          11        100
Advent 2006       7          70



Sandi Hollenbeck


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