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We have been very blessed to be able to add to the sacred art of the church over a period of years. The generosity of donors has made this possible. When we opened the church on Christmas eve 2008, the church was nearly barren as we used the temporary wooden furnishing from the parish hall. Since December 2008 we have added permanent furnishings, stained glass windows, stations of the cross and other items to create an appropriate environment for worship.

The pews and kneelers are still missing from our church because of the lack of money to build and install them as well as due to the fact that the City of Surprise govenrnment will not let us put all of our potential seating into the church until we expand our parking lots.

This page is being contructed to give you a virtual experience and better understanding of our parish church. 

Our Altar Crucifix
Our crucifix over the altar depicts Mary and John at the foot of the crucifix with four angels of the passion around them and the skull at the bottom with its deep theological significance. Read more here

stained glass windowsThe windows to the left of the altar represent the Five Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
The windows to the right of the altar represent the Five Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.
The windows leading from the nave entrance doors to the confessional and those leading from the nave entrance to the choir are all taken from the liturgical cycle of the year, highlighting some key events in the story of salvation. Our windows were designed and made in Pennsylvannia by Beyer Studio

altar furnishings
The altar contains relics of several saints including Saint Clare of Assis and Saint Jude.
The baptismal font has eight sides representing the eighth day, the day of eternity.
The ambo has two pillars representing the Old Testament and the New Testament with Christ the Teacher between them.

The statues were made in northern Italy by Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875.

Stations of the Cross   view and pray here
The stations were nearly 100 years old when we acquired them and had them restored. They are from an ethnic Polish church in Massachusetts. We had them completely restored. The original Polish inscriptions were translated into English and the original donor names were replaced by a fleur de lis.

There are twelve pillars holding up the frame that surrounds our patron saint, Clare of Assisi and Francis of Assisi and enshrining the Tabernacle. Each pillar has the name of an apostle at the base. 

There are many items around the nave that will interest you. These include holy water stoups, consecration candles and crosses and shrines.

Some of our shrines are complete and others are not. You will find these spread around the nave of the church. There are two shrines in the east transept, next to the confessionals. On the left of the confessionals are the statues of Saint Anne and her daughter Mary and Saint Joseph holding the child Jesus. On the right side of the confessional we have Saint John Paul II and Saint Theresa of Calcutta. Near the nave main entrance we have the paint of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe. These two shrines are not complete. We hope to add votive candles and a more noble surrounding for the images. At the right side of the altar is the shrine to Mary, Mother of the Eucharist holding Jesus who is holding the symbols of a chalice and host. In the reredos, we have the statues of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare of Assisi.




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